Winter Sun Essentials

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winter sun

Winter Sun Essentials

If you are lucky to escape to some winter sun, then there are some winter sun must haves. Here are winter sun essentials that you need when you hit the beach.seafolly

Watercult Bikini

Watercult is a newer brand that is part of Simply Beach and their collections are amazing. But if there is one bikini that is a must for the winter sun it’s the Modern Eye Retro in Black and White Jungle. The bikini features a mix of stripes and tropical print that is stylish but also eye catching. If a bikini isn’t your thing you can get the full swimsuit version.

The Heidi Klien Swimsuit

If you are looking for a chic style then Heidi Klein has something that will suit all tastes. The Tanzania U Bar Piece in snake is simply gorgeous. In this swimsuit you are sure to stand out with the monochrome snake print and the plunging neckline will show off that little extra skin.

The Melissa Odabash Dress

If you are looking for the perfect dress that is able to take you from pool side to dinner then the Melissa Odabash dress is perfect. It is made from a luxurious soft fabric. The neckline features a gold toned detail, there is a center split and plunging neckline to add to the glamour. This dress comes in black and a cream shade.

The ViX Bag

You will want to make sure that you have all of your beach essentials, and there is no better way to take all your items then in a ViX Bag. The striped ViX beach bag is able to fit your towel, magazines and sun creams in and will look stylish. The bag features a monochrome stripe so it will always be on trend.

A Great Book

If you are looking for a great book to read whilst you are lounging in the sun, then Gone Girl should be the book you pick up. There has been plenty of hype around it and the movie has been recently released. The book is thrill with plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing to the end.

Seafolly Sunnies

There is no doubt that you need to protect your eyes when you are in the sun, so you should do it in the most stylish way possible. The Seafolly Seychelles Sunglasses in Black have round cat eye shape and are on trend.

Seafolly Towel

Everyone will need a beach towel, so get one that is bright and bold like the Seafolly Soundwave Ziggy Towel in Seychelles.

The Gottex Hat

You are able to look chic whilst protecting yourself from the sun with a wide brimmed hat like the Gottex Audrey Hat.

Also don’t forget that you will also need your sun cream and a hair product that will protect your hair from the sun.


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Beauty Tips for your Summer Holiday

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summer holiday

Beauty Tips for your Summer Holiday

If you are going on a summer holiday then here are some beauty tips that will get you ready for the summer holiday.summer holidays


This is a key essential before you hit the beach or if you plan to sunbathe. With exfoliation you will be left with smoother skin which is perfect for capturing the perfect sun kissed look.


Your feet go through a lot of wear and tear so to keep them in beach condition use a pumice stone or granules to smooth away rough areas. After you exfoliate your feet give them a foot spa for a relaxing feel.


You should get rid of any unwanted hair before you hit the beach. This is an important part of your pre-holiday beauty regime so that you feel confident.


You should get your nails in shape before your holiday by treating yourself to a manicure. Also opt for a pedicure if you are going barefoot or will be around the pool.


Go for a nice facial as this boosts circulation and will leave you feeling soothed before your summer holiday.

Fake Tan

If winter has left you looking pale and washed out then apply some fake tan for a more summery look. Many fake tans now contain moisturizers and essential oils so your skin won’t dry out.

Body Wrap

If you are worrying about your body on the beach then why not try a body wrap. The effects of a body wrap are not permanent but they may help you lose those final couple of inches from areas.


With a good summer hairstyle you will feel confident. You should avoid a new experimental hairstyle though before your trip though as these may not work out the way you planned.


You should get your eyebrows shaped and you can opt for fake lashes to enhance your eyes.


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How to Prepare for a Snow Trip

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How to Prepare for a Snow Trip

Preparing for a winter trip is similar to that of preparing for a summer holiday, but the difference is that you will need a lot more gear, food and equipment for a winter getaway.

If you love the cold and the beauty of snowy wilderness then you can have the perfect trip through some extra preparation. Here are few tips that will make your winter holiday the best.

winter trip

Planning your Winter Trip

You should have a written plan of the route that you plan to take that also includes where you will spend each night. You should allocate extra time for trekking through snow, the shorter winter days and the exertion of winter hiking.

You will need to make a detailed list of how much food you will need as well as the kinds of foods that you need. Also include water and fuel that you will need for each day of the trip and then pack accordingly. It’s always a good idea bring a few extra rations just in case.

You need to pay attention to the weather forecasts for the areas that you are going to. If there is a chance of severe weather then its best to postpone the trip for another time. It’s a good idea to pack a portable battery operated or hand cranked weather radio so that you are able to stay on top of the latest weather conditions.

What to Take

If you plan on camping then you need a tent that is wind resistant, but is also less than 3 lbs., is either frame or dome shaped and also has a snow shedding fly.

The lightest and warmest sleeping bags are down sleeping bags. You need to get a sleeping bag that is rated for cold weather.

As you will need to cook on your winter holiday especially for camping then you will need a gasoline fuelled and lightweight stove that has a mini pump. It is a good idea to have an extra gasoline in an aluminium container.

You should have high energy and calorie packed foods that contain 40 percent protein, 40 percent fat and 20 percent carbohydrates. The food needs to be easy to prepare and will not spoil by freezing. Dehydrated foods like dried fruits are great snacks whilst hiking in the snow. Sardines, crackers, cheese, instant potatoes and rice, canned tuna, soup mix, dehydrated eggs and cereal are other ideas.

You need plenty of layers for winter hiking including long johns, undershirts and thermal sweaters and socks. You can keep your feet warmer with two pairs of thin socks. You should wear wool shirts and pants and a stocking style hat or balaclava. Your parka will need to cover your hips as well as have a hood and a wind proof face mask. Two piece mittens that are lined with wool and have an outer nylon shell.

Double boots are high top boots that has an inner liner made of felt are the best boots for winter hiking. If you are planning on going off trial with your hikes then you need snow shoes.

You will also need a lighter, matches or other fire starters.

Everything should be kept in a water resistant or water proof container.


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Preparing for a Long Flight

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Preparing for a Long Flight

If you have an upcoming flight coming then you need to know how to prepare for it so there is no last minute panic.

long flight


  1. it’s important to look at the airlines regulations as different airlines will have different rules in regards to what you are able to bring on board. Liquid items will need to be placed in your carry-on luggage, but bear in mind how much and what regulations are enforced with liquid items. Many airlines will have an ml allowance. Anything that is not allowed in carry-on luggage will need to go in your hold luggage.
  2. Go through your suitcase and ensure that you have everything that you need from shoes to extra pairs of underwear. You should think if you have missed anything.
  3. Have a look at your clothes and see if you are able to pair clothes into outfits. If let’s say you are on vacation for 15 days then you need make sure that you are able to make 15 outfits. It’s also wise to take to extra outfits for formal wear and an outfit for water activities.
  4. Next is to go through your luggage and ensure you do not have anything illegal. If you are unsure about an item then look at the airline regulations.
  5. It is a good idea to weigh your bag at home. Place your bag evenly on a scale then round this up to the nearest 10th. You will be able to find a baggage allowance on your airlines site to check how much you are able to have.
  6. Check that you have all your items in order like tickets, passport, ID, credit and debit cards and other important items. Place these in a zip case that you can have with you at all times.
  7. Have entertainment with you like eReaders, tablets, iPods and other entertainment items. These entertainment items will ensure that you have plenty of entertainment for your flight.


  • Toiletries should be travel sized
  • If you are travelling during the busy season make sure to get to the airport at least 4 hours in advance.
  • Look at your destinations weather forecast so you know what clothes you will need.


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Oldest Starbucks Store | Pike Place Location

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Strarbucks is the most famous coffee and coffeehouse company in the world that is based in Seattle, Washington, USA. Accordingly, it has about more than 15,000 stores, including licensed stores, around 42 countries. About two weeks ago we went to Seattle and just had a stroll at downtown area. When we were at the Pike Place market, I thought of going to the first location of this famous coffee house. The oldest location of Starbucks is at 1912 Pike Place, between Stewart St. and Western Ave in Seattle. As it is in the market area, it is very crowded. If you are going there, don’t drive. You can park in one of the parking areas at downtown and just walk.

We were there early afternoon on a Saturday. I thought of going in to get something, but the line was way too long and it was hot and humid. I cannot wait as we have two kids in tow. I will go back there one of these days when we will be in Seattle again and buy something, a souvenir perhaps or their mugs for collection. According to some reviews, aside from their coffee and drinks, there is not much of a selection in terms of food that is being sold there. It is more of a souvenir shop for those who wanted to set foot at the oldest Starbucks location. Besides the long line, outside the store were also some sidewalk performers singing and lots of tourists taking pictures.

LeMay – America’s Car Museum

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If you happen to visit in the Northwest area, especially in the South Pugent Sound, one museum that you should not miss  is the LeMay America’s Car Museum. This museum was opened on June 2012. This museum is among the largest auto museums in the world. It is located adjacent to Tacoma dome, another landmark here in Washington, and along Interstate 5. In the museum are about 500 galleries of cars in a four story building of different type, made, speed, and technology and showcasing vehicles since the 1900′s and up. Most of the cars are from the LeMay family who amassed a collection in thousands to include vintage and limited editions. Other cars are on loans too from other collectors.

 The entrance fee of the museum is $14 and $12 for military, students, and seniors, $8 for kids and below 5 years old is free. The parking fee is $5; and during occasions or events happening, make sure to come in early as parking will surely be hard to find. Inside the museum, you can also find shops for souvenirs and the museum cafe featuring classics by the Pacific Grill at the museum’s mezzanine.

There are for sure lots of interesting cars at the museum and for car enthusiasts this museum is surely an eye candy. The cars on display are all in its shining glory. My husband asked one of the attendants if all cars are still running and they said almost all are and they rotate the cars on display those from the LeMay’s and other collectors in order to keep the display fresh as possible. You can also get some information of the car’s history on it’s monitor display making it more interesting and adding to your knowledge about it.

Among the cars our girls were so excited to see are these in picture below:

And who would have thought you will see Flintstone’s car used in the making of “The Flintstones’ Movie” in the museum.

It is surely an educational and historical experience at the museum with the family. You will surely see the development of America’s car culture and its “love affair” with cars. The  museum is hosting a lot of interesting events and  to all car enthusiasts, those are the ones to watch out for.

Seattle Center Attractions | Sightseeing and Tours in Seattle

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One of the city of Seattle’s attractions is the Seattle Center. Accordingly, it was first built in 1962 for World’s Fair. It has a 74 acre area and includes different attraction sites. The first landmark that is a must-visit for tourists is the Space Needle. You can have a 360 degree panoramic view of the Puget Sound. There is also a monorail that traverse from the center to downtown Seattle. There is also the International Fountain that shoots water with music accompaniment. This is a hit during warm weather in the spring and summer.

Space Needle

International Fountain

Monorail passing thru the EMP

Seattle center also have other attractions for science and culture. There is the Pacific Science Center, Key Arena for sports and concerts to be held, McCaw Hall for ballets and operas, SIFF Theater for world and classic films, and Seattle Repertory Theater for exciting plays and events. They also have the center house which they now changed the name to the Armory that has restaurants and shops. Below it is The Seattle Children’s Museum. There is also the  Science Fiction Museum, Intiman Playhouse and the Experience Music Project [EMP].

Seattle Center hosts different festivals year-long to include Bumbershoot, the largest music and art festival held yearly, and this will be held this year in August 31st to September 2nd. There is also the Northwest Folklife Festival that is held every May, and different festivals showcasing different world cultures. This month, June 8th & 9th, they also had the Pagdiriwang Festival, which is on its 27th year already, presented by the Filipino Cultural Heritage Society of Washington [FCHSW] .

Another addition at the Seattle Center which was opened last year is Dale Chihuly’s Garden and Glass Museum. This is accordingly the world’s largest glass museum devoted to glass artist Dale Chihuly.

Pardon for all my pictures’ low quality as I only took it with my phone. It does not give justice to what the actual place really looks like :-)

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Cheap Flights to Hawaii

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This past weekend was really a disappointment for us. We have been planning to go to Hawaii to attend our son’s graduation in high school, which was yesterday. The plan was to hop on a space A flight through the Air Force Base here in our area. There were several flights that were announced within a 78-hour period, but when the time came it kept bouncing off and postponed or the seats available were limited. That is what happened in space A because flights can change anytime depending on what is going on. Our mistake was we did not check out any cheap flights to Hawaii as a back up plan. We were crunched with time and all flights at the last minute is very expensive.

So, we learned our lesson. We need to make sure next time to check out cheap flights way before the date of any event. We felt disappointed by the whole situation, especially my husband as he really wants to be there. But then on the brighter side, we still can go there after the school is over in June or July. By that time, I am pretty sure we will have enough time, and we can find great deals on flights to Hawaii. Maybe we can also take our chance again through space A since we are not in a hurry and no event to attend to. This is just another option though. The important thing, we have to be always prepared for any circumstances that will happen. I cannot wait to experience Hawaii again and enjoy the pristine beach and the island feel.

The above picture is me and our daughter during our last vacation taken at Waikiki beach. We are all excited to see the island again!

Our Cuties Travel Buddy

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Traveling with kids will entail a lot of preparation. Aside from bringing food, drinks and snacks, you also have to bring different toys, gadgets, books, and other entertaining materials for them not to get bored and cranky when going through a long drive. Things that we don’t forget when traveling are their headphones and DVD kids movies. The good thing now is that there are headphones appropriate for kids that you can get at the store. When we bought theirs, our eldest chose a monster high doll headphone and the youngest chose the lalaloopsy headphone. Most of the DVDs we have in the car are VeggieTales, Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie movies.

We also have nursery rhymes songs in CD’s that we play when they don’t want to watch movies anymore. But kids are kids and they have short tolerance of being seated for a long period of time. We ended up stopping at rest areas or gas stations where we can park for a few minutes to stretch and use the restroom. Another thing to consider also when traveling across states and you have enough time is to try to incorporate some side trips to interesting places along the way. This doubles the fun; sightseeing before reaching the final destination.

Hands On Children’s Museum – Olympia

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One of the happy places for kids here in our place is the Hands On Children’s Museum. The new museum building was opened in fall of last year. It is now bigger and has a lot of interactive areas for kids to experience. The museum, as its name implies, is a fun learning place for kids that can really stimulate their creativity and curiosity as they experience the different exhibits. All exhibits are interactive and certainly can spark the inquisitiveness of the children. The exhibits and galleries to explore are also partnered with specific agencies that gives services in the community like the gallery for Emergency that features medic van/ambulance, patrol car, dental clinic, E.R., scream room, and others, which are sponsored by the emergency services here in our place.

Other galleries and exhibits include Good For You! , Build It!, Move It!, Fabulous Forest, Our Puget Sound, Tides to Trees Climber, Snug Harbor, and Arts and Parts Studio. All exhibits are geared for different learning styles of young visitors. It can be collaborative, investigative, creative and constructive,  fine motor engagement, full-body motor engagement, planning and execution and many others. Below are few of the pictures that I took while we visited the museum. The kids really had a blast and even myself had a great time at the Hands On Museum.

Apple picking and preparing food ordered at the cafe.

Grocery shopping and water table for float your boat.

Tree climbing and boat sailing.

Loading big rocks in a dump truck for construction.

The general admission to the museum is $9.95 (2+), but since we have valid military ID we were able to get a $2 discount each. They also offer membership program and you can get a yearly pass. I am thinking of doing this as the kids love to go there and having a yearly pass can save us from the entrance fees. Every first Friday of the month, the museum has free entrance fee which starts at 5pm until 9pm. They also offers services such as book an event for birthday parties or after hours events. I and some of my friends are already planning for a playdate for the kids to go the museum again soon.