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Smart Ideas for the Beach

Posted by admin on September 25, 2015
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Smart Ideas for the Beach

We all dream about that perfect day at the beach. Here are some smart ideas for the beach that will entertain and simplify your day.

Bring a Mini Pool for the Kids

Kids love to play in the water, but its not always relaxing for the parents to run after them, so why not bring an inflatable kiddie pool that you can easily set up by you on the beach.

Freeze Aloe Veraaloe vera

Sunburn can happen no matter how much sun cream you put on. A soothing tip is to fill an ice cube tray with aloe vera for an instant sunburn relief.

Sand Cast Souvenirs

At the beach there is plenty of sand and water so just add plaster of Paris and you can create your own personal souvenir.

Broken Flip Flop No More

It sucks when your flip-flops break, but a temporary fix is to pull through the thong at the bottom and fasten a bread tag to the underside and you can carry on flip-flopping.

A Dry Case

We tend to hide our valuables on the beach and generally just hope for the best, but you could wear a small, waterproof, floatable dry case that is on a lanyard so you can keep your items close at all times.

Keeping your Keys Handy

Martha Stewart came up with this one. You can avoid losing your keys in the sand by attaching a shower curtain ring to your beach bag handle and slipping on your key ring.

Chill your Cooler with Frozen Water

Another trick from Martha Stewart is to pack your beach cooler with frozen water bottles instead of ice packs. Your drinks will stay cool and when the bottles of water thaw you will have another round of refreshing drinks.


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How to Watch Your Weight on Holiday

Posted by admin on July 24, 2015
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How to Watch Your Weight on Holiday

holiday weight

When you go on holiday it doesn’t mean that you have to pick up weight. You are able to have fun, try local dishes and still not pick up weight. Here is how you are able to avoid weight gain whilst you are on holiday.

Take your Own Snacks

You can’t count on if there is going to be something healthy to eat so take it with you. If you are going on a road trip then you can pack a cooler with fresh vegetables, cheeses and bars. If you are flying take nuts and dried fruits in your carry on, but not too many of them.

The Meat

Meat will usually equal weight gain especially if there is a lot of salt. You should try and skip meat for one meal a day and go for a fresh salad or an omelet with veggies.

What to Splurge on

When you are on holiday, temptation will be knocking. You need to save your splurge for that great dish. Have a look at where you will be going in advance and the places where you really want to splurge.

Keep Moving

When you travel your workout routine will fall by the wayside, but you shouldn’t give up on exercise. You should work in exercise whenever you can by taking the stairs, go for a hike or just walk around. You can also take a swim at the local pool to help burn the calories.

Airplane Food

Many airlines now offer healthy food options. They might not be ideal, but if you are not able to take your own snacks then these are perfect and better than waiting to get off the plane where you will be lured by quick and easy food.

There are plenty of ways to keep the weight off whilst you are on holiday and you have probably worked hard to lose weight before you go away so that bikini looks amazing. No matter if you are going on holiday locally or overseas you will find plenty of opportunities to keep your weight in check.


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Winter Sun Essentials

Posted by admin on April 24, 2015
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Winter Sun Essentials

If you are lucky to escape to some winter sun, then there are some winter sun must haves. Here are winter sun essentials that you need when you hit the beach.seafolly

Watercult Bikini

Watercult is a newer brand that is part of Simply Beach and their collections are amazing. But if there is one bikini that is a must for the winter sun it’s the Modern Eye Retro in Black and White Jungle. The bikini features a mix of stripes and tropical print that is stylish but also eye catching. If a bikini isn’t your thing you can get the full swimsuit version.

The Heidi Klien Swimsuit

If you are looking for a chic style then Heidi Klein has something that will suit all tastes. The Tanzania U Bar Piece in snake is simply gorgeous. In this swimsuit you are sure to stand out with the monochrome snake print and the plunging neckline will show off that little extra skin.

The Melissa Odabash Dress

If you are looking for the perfect dress that is able to take you from pool side to dinner then the Melissa Odabash dress is perfect. It is made from a luxurious soft fabric. The neckline features a gold toned detail, there is a center split and plunging neckline to add to the glamour. This dress comes in black and a cream shade.

The ViX Bag

You will want to make sure that you have all of your beach essentials, and there is no better way to take all your items then in a ViX Bag. The striped ViX beach bag is able to fit your towel, magazines and sun creams in and will look stylish. The bag features a monochrome stripe so it will always be on trend.

A Great Book

If you are looking for a great book to read whilst you are lounging in the sun, then Gone Girl should be the book you pick up. There has been plenty of hype around it and the movie has been recently released. The book is thrill with plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing to the end.

Seafolly Sunnies

There is no doubt that you need to protect your eyes when you are in the sun, so you should do it in the most stylish way possible. The Seafolly Seychelles Sunglasses in Black have round cat eye shape and are on trend.

Seafolly Towel

Everyone will need a beach towel, so get one that is bright and bold like the Seafolly Soundwave Ziggy Towel in Seychelles.

The Gottex Hat

You are able to look chic whilst protecting yourself from the sun with a wide brimmed hat like the Gottex Audrey Hat.

Also don’t forget that you will also need your sun cream and a hair product that will protect your hair from the sun.


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Beauty Tips for your Summer Holiday

Posted by admin on March 27, 2015
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Beauty Tips for your Summer Holiday

If you are going on a summer holiday then here are some beauty tips that will get you ready for the summer holiday.summer holidays


This is a key essential before you hit the beach or if you plan to sunbathe. With exfoliation you will be left with smoother skin which is perfect for capturing the perfect sun kissed look.


Your feet go through a lot of wear and tear so to keep them in beach condition use a pumice stone or granules to smooth away rough areas. After you exfoliate your feet give them a foot spa for a relaxing feel.


You should get rid of any unwanted hair before you hit the beach. This is an important part of your pre-holiday beauty regime so that you feel confident.


You should get your nails in shape before your holiday by treating yourself to a manicure. Also opt for a pedicure if you are going barefoot or will be around the pool.


Go for a nice facial as this boosts circulation and will leave you feeling soothed before your summer holiday.

Fake Tan

If winter has left you looking pale and washed out then apply some fake tan for a more summery look. Many fake tans now contain moisturizers and essential oils so your skin won’t dry out.

Body Wrap

If you are worrying about your body on the beach then why not try a body wrap. The effects of a body wrap are not permanent but they may help you lose those final couple of inches from areas.


With a good summer hairstyle you will feel confident. You should avoid a new experimental hairstyle though before your trip though as these may not work out the way you planned.


You should get your eyebrows shaped and you can opt for fake lashes to enhance your eyes.


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