Beauty Tips for your Summer Holiday

Posted by admin on March 27, 2015
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Beauty Tips for your Summer Holiday

If you are going on a summer holiday then here are some beauty tips that will get you ready for the summer holiday.summer holidays


This is a key essential before you hit the beach or if you plan to sunbathe. With exfoliation you will be left with smoother skin which is perfect for capturing the perfect sun kissed look.


Your feet go through a lot of wear and tear so to keep them in beach condition use a pumice stone or granules to smooth away rough areas. After you exfoliate your feet give them a foot spa for a relaxing feel.


You should get rid of any unwanted hair before you hit the beach. This is an important part of your pre-holiday beauty regime so that you feel confident.


You should get your nails in shape before your holiday by treating yourself to a manicure. Also opt for a pedicure if you are going barefoot or will be around the pool.


Go for a nice facial as this boosts circulation and will leave you feeling soothed before your summer holiday.

Fake Tan

If winter has left you looking pale and washed out then apply some fake tan for a more summery look. Many fake tans now contain moisturizers and essential oils so your skin won’t dry out.

Body Wrap

If you are worrying about your body on the beach then why not try a body wrap. The effects of a body wrap are not permanent but they may help you lose those final couple of inches from areas.


With a good summer hairstyle you will feel confident. You should avoid a new experimental hairstyle though before your trip though as these may not work out the way you planned.


You should get your eyebrows shaped and you can opt for fake lashes to enhance your eyes.


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