Smart Ideas for the Beach

Posted by admin on September 25, 2015
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Smart Ideas for the Beach

We all dream about that perfect day at the beach. Here are some smart ideas for the beach that will entertain and simplify your day.

Bring a Mini Pool for the Kids

Kids love to play in the water, but its not always relaxing for the parents to run after them, so why not bring an inflatable kiddie pool that you can easily set up by you on the beach.

Freeze Aloe Veraaloe vera

Sunburn can happen no matter how much sun cream you put on. A soothing tip is to fill an ice cube tray with aloe vera for an instant sunburn relief.

Sand Cast Souvenirs

At the beach there is plenty of sand and water so just add plaster of Paris and you can create your own personal souvenir.

Broken Flip Flop No More

It sucks when your flip-flops break, but a temporary fix is to pull through the thong at the bottom and fasten a bread tag to the underside and you can carry on flip-flopping.

A Dry Case

We tend to hide our valuables on the beach and generally just hope for the best, but you could wear a small, waterproof, floatable dry case that is on a lanyard so you can keep your items close at all times.

Keeping your Keys Handy

Martha Stewart came up with this one. You can avoid losing your keys in the sand by attaching a shower curtain ring to your beach bag handle and slipping on your key ring.

Chill your Cooler with Frozen Water

Another trick from Martha Stewart is to pack your beach cooler with frozen water bottles instead of ice packs. Your drinks will stay cool and when the bottles of water thaw you will have another round of refreshing drinks.


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