Tuesday Travels #10 [Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center]

Posted by admin on March 20, 2012
Tuesday Travels
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This past Saturday hubby persuaded me to have a short trip to Seattle since we haven’t been to the city for a while. Although we drive to north we always ended up at the Southcenter mall where the Seafood City, a Filipino specialty store, is located. Since I have lots of laundry and clothes to fold, we ended up driving there after lunch. Good thing the weather cooperated. It wasn’t raining and it was just right temperature wise. I heard there was a St. Patrick’s Day parade that happened in the morning and the Irish heritage exhibit was at the Seattle Center as well. Before we checked out the Irish exhibit, we went inside the building of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Their visitor center is located at the Seattle Center right across where we parked our vehicle.
The visitor center showcased the different works and partners of the foundation. They have helped a lot of people not only here in the United States but also in different countries. You can see different programs the foundation is undertaking in helping the poor people and communities all over the world, from food, health, livelihood, education, and many others. The works and programs also depends on what the community needs.
Some of the exhibits at the visitor center are the following:
The exhibits are all very interactive. The displays on the walls were very creatively done. These wood panels are very neat. It has a year displayed on it and if you turn the wood panel, it will show activities that happened that particular year. This wall right here are all about the Gates. The picture showed is the baby Bill Gates. In another rooms there is an interactive computers where you can make suggestions of what you can help and post inspiration for the foundation. You can also create your own art inspiring to help and send it to you loved ones. There is also area where kids or adult alike can make their own creation, may it be building a house model or anything that is geared towards helping the less fortunate.
The visitor center is free for all visitors. It is really worth checking if you happen to be in the city. You will be inspired to help and give back to the community in your own little way. If you happen to watch one of the shows about the different struggles of every poor country when it comes to having food and water, the basic necessities in life, you can really say how fortunate you are that you have enough to sustain life. It is heartbreaking to see kids that are dying because of lack of food and lack medicines for illnesses. We may go back there again next time because we did not stay long as the kids didn’t really feel good. It is an educational as well as informative exhibits all in all.


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