Affordable Winter Vacations Destination

Posted by admin on November 16, 2011

Ski and Snowboarding in Utah

Perhaps, half of the people who live far north don’t like winter, some however enjoy going to places with high mountains for skiing, snowboarding and other activities that involved snow. Well, yahoo travel have listed winter vacations for every budget that you would be interested to know. Those who love adventure and don’t mind the freezing weather then these vacation destinations is the right place for you. You have luxurious place to stay for affordable value.

Aspen, Colorado has a decadent luxury reputation with luxury hotels that certainly possible to make the sky the only limit on what you spend. Lots of hotels and condo to boom your stay with, plus affordable food to buy after a long day of snowboarding. This mining camp in the Colorado Silver Boom is now a ski resort and an upscale tourist center.

Heavenly, California is a ski resort located and huge resort straddling on the California-Nevada border in South Lake Tahoe. It is famous for its deep snow, hugely varied terrain, tree skiing, abundant sunshine, and epic views overlooking Lake Tahoe.

Deer Valley, Utah is one of my BIL favorite destination during winter for skiing and snowboarding. It is an alpine ski resort in the Wasatch Range. The resort, known for its upscale amenities, is consistently ranked among the top ski resorts in North America. Deer Valley is all about pampering, and it is one of the only ski resorts in the world that limits lift ticket sales every day, even when more people are willing to pay, just to keep the experience uncrowded for its high-powered guests.

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