Camel Back-Riding at Arabian Desert? Not…

Posted by admin on September 01, 2012

Trying out different things to do is kind of adventurous. Honestly I am adventurous but only to those I know I will be safe. Hmm…so I shall say I am on the safer side all the time when it comes to having an adventure. But anyways, when we went to the zoo last week they have this camel back-riding as one of the activities inside the zoo/park. Our girls wanted to ride but our 2-year-old is not yet able. She is too tiny to be on the back of the camel. That puts me and our DD1 to have the fun ride.

The fee for riding the camel’s back is $5/person. It is not included in the entrance fee. I’ve been wanting to experience how it feels like riding the camel’s back as it stands tall compared to a horse or carabao that I have ridden back in the Philippines. I was just pretending that we are in the Arabian desert riding the camel.

Our daughter was very excited and really enjoyed the short ride. I think there were only 3 rounds inside that fenced area which is not big and long at all. If you ask me if the price is worth for the short ride, I will say no but then the enjoyment of first timers and especially the kids are priceless so it’s all worth it in the end for me.

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