Cheap Flights to Hawaii

Posted by admin on May 13, 2013

This past weekend was really a disappointment for us. We have been planning to go to Hawaii to attend our son’s graduation in high school, which was yesterday. The plan was to hop on a space A flight through the Air Force Base here in our area. There were several flights that were announced within a 78-hour period, but when the time came it kept bouncing off and postponed or the seats available were limited. That is what happened in space A because flights can change anytime depending on what is going on. Our mistake was we did not check out any cheap flights to Hawaii as a back up plan. We were crunched with time and all flights at the last minute is very expensive.

So, we learned our lesson. We need to make sure next time to check out cheap flights way before the date of any event. We felt disappointed by the whole situation, especially my husband as he really wants to be there. But then on the brighter side, we still can go there after the school is over in June or July. By that time, I am pretty sure we will have enough time, and we can find great deals on flights to Hawaii. Maybe we can also take our chance again through space A since we are not in a hurry and no event to attend to. This is just another option though. The important thing, we have to be always prepared for any circumstances that will happen. I cannot wait to experience Hawaii again and enjoy the pristine beach and the island feel.

The above picture is me and our daughter during our last vacation taken at Waikiki beach. We are all excited to see the island again!

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