Hands On Children’s Museum – Olympia

Posted by admin on March 29, 2013

One of the happy places for kids here in our place is the Hands On Children’s Museum. The new museum building was opened in fall of last year. It is now bigger and has a lot of interactive areas for kids to experience. The museum, as its name implies, is a fun learning place for kids that can really stimulate their creativity and curiosity as they experience the different exhibits. All exhibits are interactive and certainly can spark the inquisitiveness of the children. The exhibits and galleries to explore are also partnered with specific agencies that gives services in the community like the gallery for Emergency that features medic van/ambulance, patrol car, dental clinic, E.R., scream room, and others, which are sponsored by the emergency services here in our place.

Other galleries and exhibits include Good For You! , Build It!, Move It!, Fabulous Forest, Our Puget Sound, Tides to Trees Climber, Snug Harbor, and Arts and Parts Studio. All exhibits are geared for different learning styles of young visitors. It can be collaborative, investigative, creative and constructive,  fine motor engagement, full-body motor engagement, planning and execution and many others. Below are few of the pictures that I took while we visited the museum. The kids really had a blast and even myself had a great time at the Hands On Museum.

Apple picking and preparing food ordered at the cafe.

Grocery shopping and water table for float your boat.

Tree climbing and boat sailing.

Loading big rocks in a dump truck for construction.

The general admission to the museum is $9.95 (2+), but since we have valid military ID we were able to get a $2 discount each. They also offer membership program and you can get a yearly pass. I am thinking of doing this as the kids love to go there and having a yearly pass can save us from the entrance fees. Every first Friday of the month, the museum has free entrance fee which starts at 5pm until 9pm. They also offers services such as book an event for birthday parties or after hours events. I and some of my friends are already planning for a playdate for the kids to go the museum again soon.

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