My Best and Worst Air Lines Experience

Posted by admin on November 10, 2011

We all have worst and best travel experience. We like to compare the airlines services and accommodation. We also noticed on the attendants, pilots and assistant but these are just the least of the concerns when we travel by plane especially if there’s kids with us. The airport also matters a lot in traveling. In my four years here in the US I have traveled by plane to couple of the state already and that was Las Vegas and New York City. The rest I have traveled by car. I did not count the trip I had out of the country.

In all those trips I had, i flew with baby and toddlers. Yes, it was hard but it did not stop me to noticed some of this airlines and their services. I flew to Las Vegas-Arizona one time and Las Vegas to Pittsburgh and vice versa couple of times. That trip, I flew with South West Airlines and so far I would put this airline as my top and best. They have friendly pilot and attendants. They serve snacks in the plane and they’re good to traveler with kids. Therefore, they understand how hard it is to travel with kids. It’s hard to avoid for kids to fuss in the plane. On the

United Air Lines.  This was the current plane ride we had during our vacation to Last Vegas just this summer 2011.  It was one of those experience that you would say, You will never be on that plane ever again.

First. We went to the airport 2 hours early but when we approached in the ticket booth, a lady said that the flight was canceled.  It was a shocking news on our behalf because they canceled a flight without letting us know by email.  The ticket lady put us in the corner undecided what to do.  The came another ticket lady called us up and said that the flight we were supposed to be in just left 30 minutes ago.  We were upset but we’re glad that ticket lady took care of the ticket so we had to be hurry to get on the next flight which left us 30 minutes the most to get on that plane.

We had a stop over at Denver and it was one of the worst stop over ever.  The plane couldn’t land on the airport right away because it was full so the pilot said that we had to stay up on the air for another 45 minutes until they clear the runway.  But to our dismay that 45 minutes they estimated was almost 2 hours delayed already.  As expected we were behind already with our schedules.  At the Denver airport, they made few changes with the flight and of course lots of delays.  My kids were already tired and hungry, plus they don’t serve snacks on that said flight.  It was the worst air lines in my opinion so far based on my experience.

It was summer 2010 when we went to New York City flying with US Air. On the way over there i thought it was okay and besides it was just an hour flight. The only thing I have noticed is they don’t serve snacks of course and flight attendant not so friendly. We flew with kids so I’m thinking they don’t like kids in the plane and so some of their passengers. One passenger switch seat and don’t want to sit with us because of the kids. Glad, our kids was in the good mood during that trip because they weren’t crying except the youngest who doesn’t like crowd place. But she wasn’t crying out loud just some whine and that was it. I expect too much on their airport though. I went to the bathroom to change the diaper of my kids and they don’t even have changing tables for kids.

To wrap it all, the South West airlines was the best for me and the worst would be the United, the US air not that bad but not good either.

What travel experiences you find it good? or bad?

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