New Fridge for My Folks

Posted by admin on October 16, 2012

When I was still in my parents house my sister gave them a fridge. During the course of the year, the wear and tear and everything else, it is now come down to just holding on and anytime soon it will stop working. My parents are old and having an old and almost non-working refrigerator is something I don’t want them to think about. This is why I am wishing to be able to give them something to get the replacement  fridge freezer. I am looking at surprising them this holiday also but I will just see if I can squeeze in some more funds for it.

The good thing is that the ever generous Fairy Hobmother had fulfilled some of my wishes. Those already came off my back. The rest in my wish list will for sure be fulfilled at a given time. I will continue to be nice and hopefully I will be blessed more and can make more loved ones to be happy this Christmas.

I know it is not yet too late to wish upon the fairy. So follow Fairy Hobmother on Twitter and give him some love by leaving a short comment here with your blog site or email for him to contact you. It’s really a blessing that he came by as his help is very much needed and I so appreciate it a lot. From the bottom of my heart I thank thee!

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