Our Cuties Travel Buddy

Posted by admin on April 27, 2013

Traveling with kids will entail a lot of preparation. Aside from bringing food, drinks and snacks, you also have to bring different toys, gadgets, books, and other entertaining materials for them not to get bored and cranky when going through a long drive.¬†Things that we don’t forget when traveling are their headphones and DVD kids movies. The good thing now is that there are headphones appropriate for kids that you can get at the store. When we bought theirs, our eldest chose a monster high doll headphone and the youngest chose the lalaloopsy headphone. Most of the DVDs we have in the car are VeggieTales, Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie movies.

We also have nursery rhymes songs in CD’s that we play when they don’t want to watch movies anymore. But kids are kids and they have short tolerance of being seated for a long period of time. We ended up stopping at rest areas or gas stations where we can park for a few minutes to stretch and use the restroom. Another thing to consider also when traveling across states and you have enough time is to try to incorporate some side trips to interesting places along the way. This doubles the fun; sightseeing before reaching the final destination.

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