Space Needle | Seattle Washington

Posted by admin on November 20, 2011

Space Needle | Seattle Washington

One of the main attraction in Washington is this tallest Space Needle. Being a major symbol of the Pacific Northwest, the Space Needle has made numerous appearances in films, TV shows and other works of fiction. You have seen this in the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” and indeed one of the magnificent place to visit if you happen to be in Washington area.

The Space Needle is a tower in Seattle, Washington and is a major landmark of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and a symbol of Seattle. Visitors can reach the top of the Space Needle via elevators that travel at 10 miles per hour. The trip takes 43 seconds, and some tourists wait in hour-long lines in order to ascend to the top of the tower. On windy days, the elevators are slowed down to a speed of 5 miles per hour. The Space Needle was designated a historic landmark on April 19, 1999 by the City’s Landmarks Preservation Board. From the top of the Needle, one can see not only the Downtown Seattle skyline, but also the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Elliott Bay and surrounding islands.

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