Traveling With The Little Ones

Posted by admin on November 10, 2011

Our family just had our summer trip to Las Vegas. We don’t go on a frequent trips but we thought we deserved a little vacation. Traveling with toddlers is never easy. The oldest is currently three and the youngest was almost two. Needless to say it has been an adventure and learning process on every trip that we have ever taken.

My three years old has been a great traveler since he was 4 months old. He is less acclimated and has a lesser temperament for spending times in planes, trains, and automobiles. She is a squirmer to say the least. He don’t mind the crowd and he likes being in the plane. However, my two year old is quite the opposite. She did not like the crowd and the space inside the plane. She constantly cried on our way to las Vegas, i mean the whole trip.

It’s not easy to travel with little one and the air lines unreliable information added to the stress we felt. It is very important that when you travel with kids, see to it that the airlines provide great service and accurate information. That airline I would say the worst airlines we’ve ever flew with.

Now making a road trip with both of these diverse individuals takes planning and intent on my husband and I’s part. We have to plan our stops and the total travel time that we are going to experience. We must avoid the nap time for changes of venues. No airlines from 1:00 to 3:00 as the three year old is sleeping during this time.

Meanwhile, doing a road trip with each of these distinct persons takes planning and intent on both of us. We now have to plan our first stops as well as the total travel time that we are heading to experience. We have to avoid the nap time for changes of venues. It’s hard to get on the air line when toddlers are over stimulated.

We must plan to have adequate restroom breaks and stop to take them even when all is proclaimed to be well by the vehicles inhabitants. A three year old can turn in a minute from not needing to use to the bathroom to having a full emergency.

Speaking of an emergency, when you go on a trips at a cold place and planned to have snowskiing. Make sure you have the necessary first aid kit ready just in case of ear ache. So when you are traveling make sure that you always carry adequate medical information with you to avoid calling doctors during the trips.

While taking a long car trip to visit relatives in Chicago my three year old who was at the time almost two, decided that a crying fit was in order. He whined occasionally because he needed to stretched his legs but few talks he finally calmed downs. We took about a two hour break and walked around site seeing, the whole time he was just glad to be out of the car seat. While it is not a problem for adults to sit for hours on end, 4 months and two year olds need adequate playtime to exercise their legs.

So in short when planning to travel with little ones always plan time to take stops. Make sure that you have adequate documentation, and have great humor in the situations that arise.

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