Tuesday Travels #11 Visit to Callaway Gardens, Georgia

Posted by admin on April 03, 2012

Back when we were still in Georgia, we also checked out some of the beautiful spots and recreation areas over there. One place that I can’t forget and love to visit there again one day is the Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. This is a very beautiful garden resort that everyone can enjoy. They have different gardens and natural parks as well as golf course and lakes. They have inns for accommodations and restaurants within the resort too. We visited there twice the whole time we lived in Georgia. It would be nice to go back there again since I heard and read on their site that they have added more fun activities that the family can enjoy. Below are some of the pictures I took way back. It was around fall time when we visited the place. Spring and summer will be very nice there because the flowers will be in full bloom by then.

While there, we were able to see their vegetable garden with different vegetables and flowers you can find. They also have display of different animals both alive and some were preserved. Below is the preserved Georgia State Bird. The other picture was the flower display in their huge green house.

One very nice feature you can also find there is the small stone chapel located in the middle of the woodland within the park facing the beautiful lake. If you want to soul search and just commune with nature and with the Creator, the chapel is a very solemn place to go to.

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