Tuesday Travels #12 Reminiscing Our Wales Escapade

Posted by admin on June 12, 2012

I and my husband met for the first time in United Kingdom after almost two years of knowing each other online. His plan to visit the Philippines back then was not realized due to some circumstances that cannot be avoided. Anyways, it was really very surreal seeing him at the Heathrow airport in London. My cousin, whom I stayed there in UK was with me when we fetched him up at the airport.

The date was March 2004 when he followed me in United Kingdom. He just came home from his first deployment of a little over than 12 months from Iraq. My cousin asked me if I am scared to meet him for the first time, but honestly I did not feel any bit of apprehension. When I saw him among the throngs of travelers in the very busy and crowded airport, I did not have any doubt that he is the man I was waiting for.

Fast forward, he stayed there for a month and a very dear friend of mine that works as a nurse in Wales asked me to visit them. Her family is already there in Wales. We traveled to Wales by train and bus and it was a very great escapade for us. We discovered that we both love to travel and that experience gave us the chance to know more about each other. This picture below was taken inside a cathedral’s gift shop. I forgot the name of the church, but it is one of the historic church in Wales.

Our friend toured us to some places around,  but since it was around winter time, the weather was always muggy and cold. We went to Llandudno and passed by a very beautiful scenery. There were fortresses and castles that we saw along the way.

I can’t remember anymore this picture below what they call it. It’s a beautiful seaside escape with beautiful Victorian buildings facing the ocean. Some of it are residential as well as bed and breakfast for tourists and locals alike. As you can see in the picture that it was really very windy and the breeze from the ocean makes it more cold. We had a nice walk along the beach side. My friend and her family still lives there, and she is inviting us again to visit them one day. My husband said he still want to go there when time and money permits.

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