Tuesday Travels #14: Wild Waves Theme Park

Posted by admin on September 06, 2012


On August 25th our family along with other friends and their families had a blast at the Wild Waves Theme Park located in Federal Way, Washington. This theme park is located along I-5 and is only about 20 to 30 minutes from our place when there’s no traffic. We passed this theme park when we go to Seattle and thought of going there. So before the summer ends, we finally gave in and went there. We were able to get a discount on the ticket so that is good too. Although for military personnel with valid ID the ticket is also discounted.

As it is still summer, the place was packed. We positioned near their pool with artificial waves since the kids wants to waddle right away to the water. Our DD1 was kinda apprehensive to go to the waters, but the little one is braver. She don’t want me to hold her. I forgot to bring floaties so I was basically holding them both all the time. Their artificial wave really can swept little girls along the current.

A friend of mine took the picture above while we were in the pool. There were just too many people especially on the deeper part. I only stayed in shallow part as my hands were full with two squirming little girls. Below are some of the rides they have at the theme parks. There were tons and we haven’t ride them all specially the extreme ones, the zipline, and the water slides that are winding high and long. Most of the rides we tried were those for the kids to enjoy.

Our picture together while we were exploring the vast area of the theme park.

Some of our friends that were also there and enjoying the theme park adventure. These are only few of us as the others where all over the place enjoying their families as well.

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